Escape from Menticide: Possible futures/Parallel social structures.

Speech delivered outside the Scottish Parliament 17th July 2021, Holyrood, Edinburgh. Text of speech.

I am on the bill to speak about health. This is a difficult challenge as we are living through one of the unhealthiest times (psychologically speaking) through no fault of out own, but by the deliberate hand of government. I have spoken at several of these anti-lockdown events over the past 12 months. At these events I have discussed the unethical and illegal psychological operations by the UK and Scottish Governments. The testimony from the SPI-B psychologists of SAGE in Laura Dodsworth’s recent book, “A State of Fear”, are unfortunately not credible. Some of the psychologists of SPI-B of SAGE supposedly slowly came to the realisation that what they were doing was maybe unethical or totalitarian. This is not possible. They knew from day 1 that the tactics of inducing the population into fear and drowning us in chaotic, confusing and contradictory propaganda is nothing more than menticide and schizogenesis; in other words, brainwashing and via waves of alternate hope and fear, to break us down mentally, into psychosis and madness. This is beyond putting us into a state of fear; it is far more pernicious than many people give these issues credit. The narrative on both sides of the fence is conciliatory to the narrative, i.e., both the pro vaccine, pro lockdown folk and the people who are cautious and against the lockdown and political over reach. Crying for an “inquiry into the use of psychological methods by the government” and “what lessons need to be learned for the future” is frankly, depending on how you look at it, crisis management, capitulation, or just plain naivety. It is also insulting to peoples’ intelligence. Knowing psychologists as I do very well, and the ethical structures that govern research and practice of psychologists, it is blatantly clear that the psychologists know the ethical red lines which not to cross. The current narrative of “lessons need to be learned” is just an excuse to get them off the hook. Those who help to perpetrate this narrative are helping them get off the hook.

Like totalitarian states, democratic states are also subject to the insidious influences of menticide on a political and a non-political level. This becomes, for supposedly democratic states, just as dangerous to freedoms and liberties of life as overtly totalitarian states themselves. Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Joost Meerloo in 1956 argued that peoples of supposed democratic countries like overtly totalitarian countries, must guard against the creeping intrusion into their minds by technology, bureaucracy, prejudice, and mass delusion.

Priming a population for the crime of menticide or brain washing begins with the sowing of fear. People then are very susceptible to progress to delusions of madness. Meerloo describes how threats real, imagined, or fabricated can be used to disseminate and create fear. Moreover, a particularly effective technique of menticide is to use waves of terror. This technique involves the sowing of fear interspersed with periods of calm, but each of these periods of calm is followed by the creation or invention of an even more intense dissemination of fear, which can be repeated indefinably. Does this sound familiar? E.g., 3 weeks to flatten the curve, the vaccine is the route to freedom, freedom day is cancelled, cases rising we need another lockdown.

Joost Meerloo writes:

“Each wave of terrorizing . . . creates its effects more easily – after a breathing spell – than the one that preceded it because people are still disturbed by their previous experience. Morality becomes lower and lower, and the psychological effects of each new propaganda campaign become stronger; it reaches a public already softened up.” Joost Meerloo, The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, 1956, p.110.

Anyhow, words, words, words. I often feel I am shouting into the wind and just preaching to the converted. Let us get down to brass tacks, slow things down and get down to the future and how we deal with this. Because fighting this in relation to questioning government dictates with words, theories, logic and reasons, is falling on deaf ears. We need to prepare ourselves and really feel what we are in. Recognition is key.

Think of our own experience. Of going to the shops, on the bus or train, going to the doctors, of being the only unmasked person in a supermarket, seeing everyone else masked, of having to follow anti-social distancing markers on the floor. Of hearing the constant drone of public announcements warning us of danger, of hand sanitizer on every corner, of having to sign in to a pub or restaurant. Our heart beat is raised, our cortisol levels are raised, we are scared of breaking the rules and of being approached for not following the rules. Every minutia of daily living is turned into a psychological torture session. Drip, drip, drip, for months, now going into years. It is meant to break us down. It is deliberate. We know the rules have no rhyme or reason and know the alternate waves of hope and fear are not based in reality or real science. But yet we have to exist in this insanity of a world.

Our task now.

  1. Reject the therapeutic totalitarianism, or the monopoly on the science which Nicola Sturgeon proclaims she has; she has no authority over our health. As John Knox said to Mary Queen of Scots just a few yards from here, over 500 years ago, there is only one authority….God….and a Queen or a First Minister has no authority over a people with regards their health or bodily autonomy.
  2. Our Covid totalitarianism is an ideology which seeks to displace all traditions and institutions with the goal of bringing all aspects of society under control of that ideology. Its aim is to destroy the essence of man and our history. Therefore, like the Czech dissidents Vaclav Havel and Vaclav Benda, we must set up a parallel polis-an alternative set of social structures within which social, cultural and intellectual life can be lived outside the “New Normal”.
  3. Be prepared to live a life apart from the crowd. Living in truth means we will have to limit ourselves in some ways; progress of our careers, give up on foreign travel, reject the COVID safe cafés, bars, restaurants, theatres, concerts and nightclubs….there will be other opportunities for socialising and entertainment. This is going to be difficult, but finding meaning with living in truth will be far more rewarding than giving up on our very essence and truth.
  4. Do not get overly seduced by reason or logic as a tool to be used as an appeal to our oppressors. There is no reason to the government’s rules. We feed the beast when we appeal with reason and in any case, they can change the rules of reason or truth at the drop of a hat. Whatever they suggest, it will be couched via an abuse of language, science and reason, to confuse us and lead us further into menticide and breakdown.
  5. Inhumane language can lull us to sleep, but humane language can awaken us. It can help us recognise that the “New normal” is constructed and fragile. A case in point, putting face masks on children. Only three kinds of people put a face mask on a child. A child abuser, a coward or somebody who is deluded or asleep.
  6. Live not by lies. Alexander Solzhenitsyn in his wonderful essay by the same title outlined how peaceful rejection of the narrative can be achieved by various means,, e.g., refusing to use the language of the oppressor, not participating in meetings or conversations where the “covid safe” ideology is taken for truth, and refusing to subscribe to any media which spouts the narrative of the science or entertains it.
  7. Humour: Psychopathic dictators tend not to possess a sense a humour and are very unsettled when people direct humour at their expense. Use humour and make fun of their pseudo-science and incompetence when it comes to their incomprehensible dictates. They don’t want us to laugh. Laugh loud, laugh proud.

These are just some suggestions of how we move to the future-to our old-new normal in a parallel society. But let me end with some final thoughts. The face mask is the most visible pernicious symbol and device of this whole sad affair. The psycho-social ramifications of the mask, especially on children and how they observe adults in society wearing them is truly a crime against humanity. Not only that, it is a most effective way to harm people’s physical health over a long period of time and it is a most effective way to break us psychologically and spiritually. It is no mistake that our governments are attacking our breathing-it is deliberate; to break our spirit and the connection with our essence and the source of our existence. It is nothing but evil.

In Hebrew, the language of the Old Testament, breath and spirit is the same word; Ruach. In ancient Greek, the language of the New Testament the word for spirt and breath is Pneuma.

This is from the Bible, Psalms Chapter 104, verses 29-30

(open quotes) “29 Thou hidest thy face, they are troubled: thou takest away their breath, they die, and return to their dust.

30 Thou sendest forth thy spirit, they are created: and thou renewest the face of the earth.” (close quotes)

Let us breath, let us have spirit. Let us renew this earth for our future.

Thank you.

One thought on “Escape from Menticide: Possible futures/Parallel social structures.

  1. Thanks for writing this, there are lots of us here in Scotland and we’re forming local groups of like minded folk. Also I think there will be a lot of adults wake up when they come for the kids with the jabs. I suppose that will be before Christmas so they don’t kill their grandparents


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