May Day Gathering, Holyrood, Edinburgh, 2021 (Text of speech)

Six months ago, I stood here talking about the disgusting and unethical use of applied psychology by psychologists of the UK government. The government psychologists have shown no remorse about their applied psychological abuse. 

This psychological abuse has been normalised. We are being conditioned to think it is normal to accept such psychological abuse, just like Ivan Pavlov’s dogs. The infamous Ivan Pavlov whose ideas informed the psychological operations under totalitarian communism and now inform those of SPI-B and the UK government.  But I am not going to talk in detail about the psychological operations as such today-you can read my articles on these topics on the UK Column website-you certainly won’t read about the deliberate psychological abuse we are being subjected to in the mainstream media from the likes of Edinburgh Live, the Scotsman, The Herald, or the Daily record.

This is because what we are going through is a period of normalisation-a reminder: a domestic abuser normalises psychological abuse.

But we can learn from history. This has not come out of nowhere. To reiterate, these methods of normalisation are tried and tested tactics.

Vaclav Havel, and his wonderful book, The Power of the Powerless has a lot to teach us in our totalitarian COVID19 times. Havel as some may know was as Czech statesman, writer and former dissident contra totalitarian communism, who served as the last President of Czechoslovakia then as the first President of the Czech Republic.

He believed that the wrong words and acts could normalise abnormal things. Think of the inhumane language and compelled acts in our time: (social distancing, self-isolating, test, track and trace, face masks, especially on children, coercion to get the jab etc…. all these inhumane words and acts lull us to sleep. But humane language and humane acts can awaken us and help us recognise that what we have accepted as normal (e.g., COVID19 rules), is constructed, pseudo-scientific, fragile, and actually an abuse of human beings and their God given sovereignty. The dissidents of Havel’s time in his group Charter 77 were mocked as addicted to drugs, mentally ill, and excluded from society.

 Havel exposed the abnormality of the normalisation by changing the semantics of the political drama so that the normalisation of the abnormal seemed absurd and that the dissidents were justified. In Havel’s analysis of a totalitarian system, the dissident, the villain is not a real person, but an artistic creation; forged through the lines of text and print from mainstream media and pseudo-scientific dogma from Government dictates and its advisors. Just like the vilification of people who question the dominant narrative of COVIID-19- we are called covidiots, science deniers, or anti-vaxxers; THIS IS FAKE NEWS.

This present period of Normalisation, of the idea of constantly living with Covid19, the New Normal and all the pseudo-scientific and illogical rules, has dubious credibility behind it, especially when it comes to legislating or controlling our lives. This normalization as Havel pointed out, speaks to sensibilities that feel personal (i.e., safety, the threat of death, infection, & disease), but it has a general aim: to supress all individuality and control huge masses of people. This is the communist totalitarian psy-op play book. Being played in Scotland, the UK and world today.

The system is totalitarian not because some individual has power, but because power is shared in conditions of total irresponsibility…. Conformity is implemented through fear and through the instinct of self-preservation. That is why the Mainstream media have been so lamestream, why there is such reticence in speaking out, and much cognitive dissonance. This situation, our current situation, was described by Czeslaw Milosz (Cheslav Meewash) in his book, The Captive Mind. He described the allure of blind conformity of Stalinism, especially by intellectuals. He described the deadening effect of totalitarianism upon the population and how humanity under these conditions leads to a dual personality or cognitive dissonance. And I would say as a psychoanalyst, this encapsulates the dangerous death instinct or destructive psyche driving the COVID19 narrative which is hell bent on destroying anything good, nurturing, beautiful, and wonderful. It truly is an evil force.

Think of the politicians and Government advisors like Professor Devi Shridhar or Professor Linda Bauld, advocating for putting face masks on children. People, the media, politicians, and even parents have accepted this destructive inhumane practice, which is based in pseudo-science and illogicality. The COVID19 science fiction of Sturgeon, Shridhar, or Bauld would not get near a PhD examination room, never mind an undergraduate thesis standard of work. The COVID19 rules certainly don’t meet the mark of scientific credibility to be mandated to the entire population. How embarrassing for Edinburgh University, who is the employer of Devi Shridhar and Linda Bauld. And the mainstream media have not challenged them. Shame on them. Meanwhile children have to wear masks in schools. We will remember this evil betrayal of youth, this blatant child abuse. There is such a thing as the Nuremberg code.

Freedom is not doing the things you are inclined to do. It is reflecting upon what you ought to do, of facing the risk… all our speakers here are doing today.  

Echoing what Vaclav Havel said of eastern Europe during totalitarian communism, a spectre is haunting Scotland, the UK, the world. It is called dissent. It has not appeared out of thin air, out of conspiracy theories, from anti-vaxxer sentiment, or the desire to ignore the safety of humanity. It has been born at a time when this system of COVID 19 regulations can no longer sustain itself on unadulterated, brutal and arbitrary application of power, based upon science fiction whilst ignoring the data, with the aim of eliminating all expressions of non-conformity and changing human living beyond all recognition.

This system, has become so ossified politically that at present there is no room for dissidents or non-conformity. But they cannot keep the light out forever. The death instinct or evil always trips up. Evil always leaves a trail, of bodies, of paper…..the evidence of malfeasance is getting to the point now where it is difficult to be denied.

Scotland, the UK, and the world is a beautiful place with many beautiful peoples. It can be beautiful again, on the side of good and love where this evil of normalisation, the Brave New COVID19 normal is banished.

Let me end with a poem. This is for the politicians, their advisors, the media, the police, for everybody here, and dissidents everywhere, because the message of the poem is applicable to everybody. The poem is called:

The wind one brilliant day by Antonio Machado.

The wind, one brilliant day, called

to my soul with an odour of jasmine.

(the wind said) ‘In return for the odour of my jasmine,

I’d like all the odour of your roses.’

(Machado said) ‘I have no roses; all the flowers

in my garden are dead.’

(The wind replied) ‘Well then, I’ll take the withered petals

and the yellow leaves and the waters of the fountain.’

the wind left. And I wept. And I said to myself:

‘What have you done with the garden that was entrusted to you?’

Thank you.

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